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Need Updating?


A website usually needs to be updated every now and then so as not to "go stale"

Our team of Affordable Calgary Web professionals offers various maintenance options:

  • We do not charge a recurring monthly fee for maintenance as do many of our competitors.
  • We only bill for the time needed to do the updates you request, with a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • Simply send your updates to us by email and our turn-around time is 2 business days or less, barring any unforseen issues.
  • If you want us to look after updating your Social Media pages, again we only charge based on the time it takes.
  • SEO updating is also highly recommended in order to maintain your website ranking.
Our Affordable Calgary Web team will take care of all website updates and changes in less than 2 business days.


Website Updates
Unless you need to make changes to your website several times a month, having us do that updating for you may be a lot easier on you than dealing with a Content Management System. We address all changes quickly and efficiently, at a very reasonable cost.

SEO updating
Although we incorporate a lot of SEO parameters into your site as we are creating it, Google and other search engines are constantly changing or adding to their requirements. It is therefore a good idea to have us update the "backend" code every now and then, in order to keep up with Search Engines requirements. Search Engine Optimization is quite complex and is based on many factors.

Although we are all always being inundated with emails and telephone calls by people wanting to make sites #1 on search engines, that kind of boast is often quite suspect. There are of course some legitimate SEO marketers, but unless they have access to the entire website, as we do anyway, they really won't be able to do any better than we can.

Social Media Page Maintenance
For clients who do not want to look after the updating of their social media pages, we do offer maintance of these pages as part of our extensive list of available services. Many social media platforms also offer advertising options (often referred to as boosting) and we can look after that for you as well.

Content Management System
Prefer to maintain your website yourself through a Content Management System? If you do, there are some questions that must be asked before you should choose that option.

  • Do you plan on making changes on a regular basis several times a month? If not, then you might be better off simply sending us the changes and letting us do them for you.
  • Do you have the computer skills, the time and the computer programmes to be able to work with pictures so that they don't slow down the opening of pages on the internet?
  • If the answer is yes, then click here for more information about the CMS techology we offer. If the answer is no, then you should leave it to us to upload your pictures and updates for you.

Online Store Maintenance
Stores are different - they are created specifically to enable the store owner to be able to upload images, pricing and description of products. They do not fall under the category of "maintenance". An online store or other interactive programming includes an administration panel to allow the site owner to make their own changes to the database part.

If your custom created site has a combination of both "static " pages and " database" for your products, you maintain the database side and we still maintain the informational part of your site.

Our Affordable Calgary Web professional web designers take care of maintaining your web related pages.