$600.00 + applicable taxes.

Affordable Calgary Web ( offers a low cost options for businesses or organizations with small budgets who need an attractive web presence.

Yes there are cheap Do-It-Yourself web design sites but they are just template layouts and you have to do all the work - they just provide a very generic layout. You neeed to find pictures, crop, size and optimize your images, write all your text exactly as you need it to show up, etc!

We have been offering a low cost web design alternative for over 24 years - a professional looking informational "online brochure" style of web pages where your clients can read about your business and find contact information.

Although these starter websites are too small to be able to incorporate " all the right stuff " to be found through internet searches like we do with our full-size custom sites, we still add as much as we can, as well as including your site in our portfolio of clients, which really helps in internet ranking.


Starter Sites include 4 pages of content. The cost of a starter site is a one-time cost only. Should you need updates at a later date, we only charge you for the time it takes to do that update to the website that we created for you.

This price is based on receiving the following supplied from our clients in an electronic format (on a flash drive, in an email, through Dropbox or Google Drive):

  • Your logo.
  • Your heading.
  • Your contact Information
  • Photos ( maximum 3 to a page - you can supply or we will research for appropriate images). We will recommend the best pictures for you and how to best display them.
  • Whatever text you wish to submit per page, with a total of 4 pages. We will guide you in how best to display your text.

Please note: In order to ensure a good fit with the layout, we reserve the right to edit the content and images as given by the client.

Additional costs for all websites, from starter to custom, are domain name registration ($25 a year for .com - may vary slightly for other extensions such as .ca, .net,.org, etc.) and yearly hosting (equals $11 a month paid once yearly). These are the only recurring costs once your initial design has been paid for.

Affordable Calgary Web ( helps small businesses with their basic web presence needs.